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Smart Spectrum Technology

FCC Approved Software Technology that Enables a Secure End to End Wireless Platform that Profitably Delivers Last Mile, Portable, and Mobile Wireless Broadband

Software Innovation in the Unlicensed (2.4 GHz) Spectrum  

EtherLinx's software technology is an innovative software wireless technology that leverages the benefits of the unlicensed spectrum (2.4 GHz) delivering real benefits - reliable, long range, and secure Internet access not available today.  EtherLinx has created versatile software defined radio using EtherLinx Smart Spectrum technology.

By the use of innovative software, firmware, and data networking algorithms, EtherLinx can take standard 802.11 hardware components and deliver unprecedented security and speed at a cost structure that is far superior to current wireless and wired methods.  

Unique Approach:
  • Software-based  broadband wireless products that are compatible with WiFi commercial and residential broadband hardware

  • Long distance 802.11  based protocol with high levels of security

  • Leverages low cost off the shelf 802.11 antennas/hardware

  • Unique business model potential based on software on both ends of the transmission

  • Enables an end to end wireless platform that profitability delivers Last Mile, Portable, and Mobile wireless broadband

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